Terms & Conditions

Terms And Conditions For Loading At Phakoe

  1. The carrier (Transporter) shall be held liable for any loss and / or damage to the goods conveyed how-so-ever caused.
  2. Phakoe Transport Solutions (The client) reserves the right to deduct amounts due as a result any loss and / or damage from any monies owing to the carrier (Transporter).
  3. The carrier (Transporter) agrees to cede all rights in and to any insurance claim in respect of the goods carried on behalf of Phakoe Transport Solutions, to and in favour of Phakoe Transport Solutions.
  4. The carrier (transporter) gives authority for all insurance claims to be paid directly to Phakoe Transport Solutions.
  5. The cession of rights is irrevocable, and the carrier (Transporter) hereby authorizes their insurer to recognize this cession as lawful and give effect to this cession and instruction.
  6. The carrier (Transporter) is required to have an active, up to date Goods In Transit Insurance Policy with territorial limits covering South Africa, Botswana, Lesotho, Swaziland, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Malawi, Zambia, Tanzania, Kenya, Angola and Democratic Republic of Congo, no further north than Kolwezi.
  7. The said Goods in Transit Insurance Policy is to cover against all risks, extended to include all goods (including shipping containers) with the exception of bullion, specie, jewellery, precious stones, cash, stamps, deeds, travellers cheques, documents, film, household removals, alcoholic beverages, cigarettes, tyres, electronic goods, pre-paid phone cards, tinned fish, livestock and game.
  8. Cover must extend to be inclusive of but not limited to first loss basis, loading and unloading, driver / employee dishonesty, and overloading (within 5% of the permissible limit).
  9. SASRIA cover is mandatory.
  10. The carrier (Transporter) shall be liable for all fines / penalties relating to traffic offences, permits or overloading.
  11. Phakoe Transport Solutions (The client) shall make payment in respect of goods conveyed on submission of original proof of delivery documentation, compiled in accordance with the prescribed method. (please confirm with admin@phakoe.co.za should be unsure/have any questions.)
  12. Demurrage charges will not be considered by Phakoe Transport Solutions unless satellite tracking is provided by the carrier (Transporter).
  13. Should Phakoe Transport Solutions’ clients not cover these charges, Phakoe Transport Solutions shall not be liable for same.
  14. Phakoe Transport Solutions shall not be liable for any losses suffered by the carrier (Transporter) due to any delays in loading and offloading.
  15. Phakoe Transport Solutions shall endevour to assist the carrier (Transporter) where ever possible to avoid delays and the losses sustained thereby.
  16. The carrier (Transporter) shall refrain from any dealings, whether direct or indirect, with any of Phakoe Transport Solutions’ customers.
  17. The carrier (Transporter) shall not be entitled to subcontract unless approved by the Phakoe Transport Solutions.
  18. The minimum all risk insurance cover required per any one load is R500 000 (Five Hundred Thousand Rand) excluding VAT, or as indicated in the load confirmation GIT requirement above.
  19. In respect of all Arcelor Mittal loads ONLY, the basis of valuation under the carrier’s (Transporter’s) policy shall be included at “Invoice Value Plus Transport Costs”.
  20. Phakoe Transport Solutions (the client) shall not be held liable for amounts outstanding due to non-payment on the part of Phakoe Transport Solutions’ customers.
  21. The carrier (Tranporter), by agreeing to convey the transporters goods, accepts all conditions contained herein, which conditions can not be overridden by the carrier’s (Tranporter’s) conditions of trade.