About Us


Phakoe Transport Solutions Staff and Shareholders have extensive experience in the Transport Industry, and collectively draws on this to provide excellent integrated logistics solutions to our clients. We handle all Cross border client requests. We also assist in projects where multimodal transport is needed, and we aim to provide a one stop solution for our client’s logistical needs. We also provide the supply chain service segments to clients individually as required e.g. Road freight only.


Phakoe Transport Solutions is a proud level 2 BEE, non assest based, road freight and supply chain specialist company that service the entire SADC Region.

We have many years of extensive experience throughout the region and we have built a strong footprint especially in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Namibia and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Phakoe Transport Solutions, through the extensive road transport and supply chain management experience of its shareholders and personnel is in an excellent position to provide Transport Solutions for our current and new prospective clients, that add value not only to the client, but also to assist our co-managed transport operators lacking the required management skills with the skills required. Phakoe has taken an additional responsibility on itself to develop new and existing Black Transport Entrepreneurs to a point where they will be in a position to manage their own transport businesses successfully.

Phakoe Transport Solutions currently operate the fleets of our co-managed hauliers, with the potential to expand on this even further through, where approved by our clients, with our fully accredited, sub-contractors. These are placed through our Vendor application procedure, which is inclusive of various risk assessment and risk mitigating procedures. As with industry norms, Phakoe will always take full responsibility for our client’s valuable cargo, once loaded onto vehicles booked by us, and ensure the best possible time and place utility for all parties involved.


We are committed to being a caring and responsible organisation striving for continued excellence and professionalism and by making a difference in the lives of individuals and organisations that we interact with. We provide value added and integrated transport and supply chain solutions with a development focus in helping our clients and co-managed transporters to improve their business performance by using our transport experience to their benefit.

Before containers, transport costs ate up 25 percent of the value of whatever was being shipped. - Rose George


We have the desire to be recognised by our clients for the value that we add to their businesses via cost savings and service level improvements. We Aim to be the Supplier of Choice for our Customers.


Collectively we aim to:

  • Provide Logistics solutions and services that exceed our clients’ expectations.
  • Provide competitive rates.
  • Be recognized for our quality of service.
  • Build long lasting working relationships with everyone we interact with.
  • Build a relationship of mutual trust through hard work and proven service.
  • Be a responsible organization with sound business ethics.
  • Be the service provider of choice for our clients.